Juvenile Dependency

Has someone contacted the Department of Family and Children Services about your family or the family of a child that you love? The Juvenile Court dependency system can be challenging to understand and navigate for lawyers who have never practiced in it and even more challenging for non-lawyers. It is crucial that you ensure that your voice will be heard most effectively in court by hiring the J. E. Williams Law Firm. Janelle Williams has represented parents who are in jeopardy of losing custody of their children, parents who have lost custody of their children and potential guardians, who would like to step in to raise a child that is in need of love and guidance. To get started on securing the future of the child you love, call J. E. Williams Law Firm now!

Juvenile Delinquency

When you receive a call that your child has been pulled over by a police officer, had an incident at school involving law enforcement or has been accused of a criminal offense, it is a scary moment. You have so many questions and it is hard to know what to do and who to trust. Janelle Williams has represented children charged with criminal offenses in both Juvenile and Superior Court since 2004. Her ability to communicate with young people and their families is exemplary, such that she has trained dozens of attorneys how to fight for young people effectively and efficiently. She has tried hundreds of cases to verdict or disposition and routinely has successful outcomes for her clients due to her extensive knowledge of both criminal and juvenile law. Do not attempt to navigate the justice system on your own. To get started on securing the future of the child you love, call J. E. Williams Law Firm now!

“School Attorney” A special attorney sometimes referred to as a child attorney or children’s attorney is a special attorney that deals with school related issues and protecting your child’s rights and safety. “Atlanta Child Advocate/Georgia Child Advocate” You are not the only person in need of an Atlanta Child Advocate or Atlanta Child Attorney in the state of Georgia. Georgia Children attorney are in great demand and very rare to find the right attorney that is well versed in the ever changing laws of Georgia Juvenile Justice Department. We can help with your Georgia Juvenile Attorney needs. “Theft Charge Juvenile” Most juvenile’s brains will not develop until they are in there early 30’s and are bound to make some mistake as all children do,haven’t we all done a similar thing. A child Attorney in Atlanta Georgia and the surrounding metro areas is what you have found with our firm. Expert litigating and a licensed Georgia mediator are just some of the resources available through J. E. williams Law Firm. “Juvenile Drug Charges” Atlanta Juvenile Drug Charges are a serious offense and not a new thing to our Law Firm. Our Juvenile Attorney has dealt with over Atlanta Juvenile law issues successfully in the state of Georgia. Very often an Atlanta Juvenile Lawyer is needed by a parent in Georgia. Our Law Firm has a special department focused specifically on Georgia Juvenile Law. “Georgia, Atlanta Juvenile Drug Possession Charges” Marijuana, cocaine, xanax, codeine and heroin are just several of the drugs that Atlanta Juveniles have been accused of being in possession of before hiring a qualified attorney to clear their name and preserve their livelihood. Gwinnett Juvenile Attorney or Norcross Juvenile Attorney may be the name a Juvenile Attorney is referred to by a client within those area of Georgia while in Decauter or Lithonia that same juvenile attorney may be called a Dekalb County Juvenile Attorney. In general the name is called what is most comfortable for the Juvenile Client. Child Burglary / Juvenile Theft Possession of Stolen goods, shoplifting, home burglary, automobile theft amongst other crimes can be considered very Valid reason for hiring a Juvenile Attorney.

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